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What You Should Know about Linux Web Hosting?

web hosting for businessWhen launching an online business the most important thing to know is that the Linux web hosting is the bestselling hosting platform. The main reason why it is the bestselling hosting platform is that it charges the lowest cost. Windows hosting is usually more expensive as it includes the Windows license fee. Linux hosting is based on open source license so it is cheaper. There are different types of Linux hosting including Free BSD, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch and Debian. Because it is open source, webmasters can install a wide range of open source applications that are compatible to the Linux server.
Websites developed to run on Windows server often have bugs. On the other hand, websites developed to be compatible for Linux hosting usually have smooth performance. Linux is more secure compared to Windows. It does not require installation of antivirus software because its code is difficult for hackers to hack. Linux server operates at a faster speed because it does not run all the applications at once. The open source code of Linux allows developers to install security add-ons to make the hosting platform more secure. This helps to reduce the downtime and protect the server from intrusion of viruses and hackers.
When it comes to small and growing business website, Linux web hosting is easier to customize. Usually, Linux hosting comes with many free pre-installed applications that are free to use. I.e. having Worpress is always helpful to quickly launch a website. To cut the cost, there are many promo codes, like HostGator Coupon that allows to save 25% on everything.  These applications help webmasters to easily maintain their websites including checking stats, create email accounts, install scripts and etc. Linux hosting offers better up-time and availability than Windows hosting. It is able to handle higher server load without any problem compared to Windows hosting. It can host a large number of websites without neglecting the quality of hosting.
Linux web hosting is ideal for websites that use programming languages such as PHP, Perl, and Python. Websites developed in these programming languages can also run on Windows hosting but they perform better on Linux hosting. If you want to change to a Windows hosting platform, you can easily convert your Linux based website to become compatible to a Windows server. Linux web hosting allows you to use cheap database systems such as MySQL database for your website. This helps you to save money on your website expenses.
When shopping around, make sure you to look for hosting promo codes a Linux hosting  for business that offers 24/7 support simply because the most of the online companies run non-stop around the clock. In case your website faces problems, you can contact the customer support and get the problem fixed. The web hosting package should offer sufficient web space and data transfer to meet your website’s requirements.